Compassionate St. Augustine Hires Mindful Solutions to Grow Their Marketing and Fundraising Efforts

Compassionate St. Augustine Hires Mindful Solutions to Grow Their Marketing and Fundraising Efforts

To support its initiatives and foster a more compassionate community, Compassionate St. Augustine, has aligned with Mindful Solutions to expand its marketing and fundraising operation.

ST. AUGUSTINE, FL, USA, September 21, 2023 / — Compassionate St. Augustine (CSA), whose mission is to influence and grow a culture of compassion through advocacy, awareness, and action, is excited to announce its new strategic partnership with Mindful Solutions. Through this alliance, the organization now has the expanded marketing infrastructure it needs to not only foster a more compassionate St. Augustine, but to become the model for other compassionate cities, counties, and countries.

“On September 9, 2023, we celebrated CSA’s 10th anniversary, and we are excited to lay the groundwork for the next decade,” said CSA Board President, Sultana Rahim-Barakzoy. “To help us kick off this annual fundraising campaign and position our organization for growth,” we have teamed with Mindful Solutions, a St. Augustine marketing firm that not only aligns with our vision but has the marketing capabilities and compassion to take the organization to the next level.”

CSA’s key initiatives which are focused on turning empathy into action include:

Gift Gardens – Compassionate St. Augustine currently has four gift gardens; and plans to continue growing this initiative. The gardens are maintained by both youth and adult volunteers, and the proceeds which are distributed by our partner, EPIC-CURE go to combat food insecurity within the community.

Compassionate Women – Fosters inclusivity and compassion amongst women of all ethnicities and backgrounds. A key focus area is supporting the children and adult residents of West Augustine through actively addressing the community’s needs.

Compassionate Youth – An interfaith youth group that builds unity, inspires change, and fosters leadership skills. They are volunteer-focused and provide mentorship to both high school and college students.

Good Trouble – An advocacy group that builds coalitions with local leaders, organizations, politicians, and more to initiate change through mobilization at a grassroots level. Action areas include affordable housing, the homelessness crisis, and protecting the environment.

New Initiative Coming Soon – The Purple Bench – Advocating for compassion from the local business community. This initiative will recognize businesses that exhibit CSA’s core values of empathy, advocacy, social responsibility, sustainability, and collaboration.

“We are thrilled to partner with Compassionate St. Augustine,” said Sharon Cunningham, President & CEO of Mindful Solutions. “When looking at our respective mission statements and core values there are common threads, including inclusivity, serving our community, sustainability, and positive outcomes.”

About Compassionate St. Augustine
Compassionate St. Augustine is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization in St. Augustine Florida. Our vision is to inspire others to make a positive impact by fostering a culture of compassion. The organization calls on individuals, communities, and organizations to promote compassion in all aspects of life. It seeks to foster a global movement of individuals dedicated to living by the principles of compassion, empathy, and the Golden Rule. For more information about our initiatives, visit

About Mindful Solutions St. Augustine
We are a veteran women-owned full-service marketing agency that helps companies and organizations execute on their brand strategy, develop impactful content, engage prospects and customers, and gain a layer of support for their internal marketing teams. Our capabilities include strategic and tactical planning, PR and media relations, offline and digital media, graphic design, website design and development, videography, social media, and market research. With every client, we take a holistic visioning-based approach to align our services with their goals and objectives. For more information, visit

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