Our Story

Our Story

Compassionate St. Augustine

Influencing and grow a culture of compassion through advocacy, awareness, and action.

Our transparent vision is to inspire others to make a positive impact by fostering a culture of compassion locally, nationally, and globally.

Core Values

Influencing, inspiring, and growing a culture of compassion through advocacy, awareness and action.


Understanding and connecting with the experiences and emotions of others, which fuels an effort to promote compassion and take action on their behalf. 


Through advocating for those in need, strive to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals and communities by uplifting, supporting, and championing their voices with unwavering compassion.

Social Responsibility

Fostering a culture that creates a better future for individuals, communities, and the environment.


Commitment to creating lasting change, building a culture of compassion that endures over time.


Through partnership and teamwork, participating in collective efforts support individuals and communities in need.

Non-Profit Organization

Compassionate St. Augustine is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization.

Compassionate St. Augustine is a grassroots organization in St. Augustine, Florida run by those who engage with the Charter for Compassion and partake in efforts to embody the Golden Rule. On September 9, 2013, we became the first Compassionate City in Florida and the fortieth in the world. In August of 2014, St. Augustine, Florida and Aviles, Spain became the first Compassionate Sister Cities in the world. We remain in partnership with this vibrant city through shared initiatives that provide the common goal of living by the Charter for Compassion. In efforts to nurture and grow a culture of compassionate progress in this world, we wholeheartedly welcome all— of any ability, age, class, ethnicity, faith, gender, race, or sexual orientation—to join us.

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