Becky Williams

Becky Williams

About Becky

Becky Williams is an advocate and board member of Compassionate St. Augustine. Williams devotes her time to promoting empathy, kindness, and social justice within her beloved community.

Dedicated to politics, activism, and amplifying marginalized voices, as a former member of the Environmental Youth Council she helped lobby for protections in Tallahassee while advocating against the war in Iraq.

In 2007, Williams graduated from Flagler College with a degree in Fine Art. Her professional path took her from artist to yoga teacher to tarot reader. Through offering tarot and astrology readings, facilitating Moon ceremonies, and conducting healing sessions as a Reiki practitioner, Williams embraces the philosophy that “healed people heal people.”

By fostering a community of individuals who have embarked on a journey of self-discovery and self-knowledge, Williams understands the potential for these individuals to translate their own experiences into meaningful contributions within their broader community.

Becky’s role as a board member of Compassionate St. Augustine allows her to combine her passions and expertise. Through the organization’s initiatives, she actively works towards fostering a more compassionate and inclusive community where the voices of the unheard are recognized, valued, and uplifted. Driven by her love for St. Augustine and her unwavering belief in the power of empathy, Williams is inspired by the vision and philosophy behind Compassionate St. Augustine.

In addition to her dedication to social causes, Williams has a loving family that fuels her motivation to create a better world. She is happily married and is the proud mother of two wonderful daughters, who serve as constant reminders of the importance of intentionally infusing compassion and empathy in raising the next generation.